Athletics Upgrades


Spring Branch residents can point with pride to two renovated local landmarks as about $21 million in improvements have transformed fan and player experience at Darrell Tully Stadium and the companion Don Coleman Coliseum, both located on Dairy Ashford.

Darrell Tully Stadium

Raising the drive-by profile of the district’s historic stadium are new, paved parking lots with lights, security and fencing, a raised berm, trees and landscaping along Dairy Ashford. For the fans in the stands, there are new ticket booths and concession stands and an elevator to improve access for all. The project was completed September 2010.

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Don Coleman Coliseum

Almost every surface inside Don Coleman Coliseum has been renovated or improved through the 2007 Bond. The nearly total, head-to-toe makeover inside includes a new, barrel-vaulted ceiling and lighting system; new blue-colored seating for 5,000 fans; redone heating and air-conditioning systems; and a recalibrated sound system. This project was completed in October 2010.

W. W. Emmons Natatorium

One of the first projects completed, the Natatorium’s improvements include replacement or renovation of an eight-lane swimming pool; new ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems; a new roof; renovated locker rooms; new restrooms; three diving platforms, telescoping deck bleachers, and other upgrades. The project was completed September 2009.

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Grob Stadium

Stadium renovations includes a new training facility, new ticket booth, new landscaping and paved concrete areas, a refurbished press box and concession stand, replacement irrigation and pump generation systems, and a new grass field. This smaller stadium seats about 4,000 people. This project was completed in October 2009.

Completed Projects:

  • Auxiliary field additions at middle schools, Don Coleman Coliseum ceiling replacement, Don Coleman Coliseum upgrades & renovations, Field House renovations, Memorial & Spring Woods High Schools, Field upgrades, Memorial & Northbrook High Schools, Grob Stadium upgrades & renovations, Memorial High track & field facility, Natatorium upgrades & renovations, Soccer venue at Spring Woods High, Spring Woods Middle track & field facility, Stratford High School track, Tennis Court at Memorial High, Tennis Court at Northbrook High, Tennis Court at Spring Woods High, Tennis Court at Stratford High, Track competition field at Stratford High, Track & competition fields at middle schools, Track resurfacing - Northbrook High, Track resurfacing - Spring Woods High, Tully Stadium pump upgrades, Tully Stadium upgrades & renovations

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Campus Upgrades

Systems upgrades are often difficult to see, but 40 percent or more of the bond plan was dedicated to facility improvements in these and related areas: Storm sewers, drainage and long-term maintenance; Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems; Sidewalk repairs and walkway improvements; Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and/or ADA Requirements

Completed Projects:

  • Administration Building - Board of Trustees Room Safety Upgrades, Emergency chiller replacement, Boiler replacement, Roof top unit replacement
  • Ag Farm - Access controls, control and perimeter fencing
  • Bear Blvd. School for Early Learning - Paving, Public Announcement System
  • Bendwood School - Water main repairs
  • Buffalo Creek Elementary - Systems upgrades, Movable partition
  • Cedar Brook Elementary - Systems upgrades, Roof replacement
  • Child Nutrition Services - Freezer & Cooler
  • Frostwood Elementary - Storm sewer upgrades
  • Guthrie Center - Boiler replacement, Sewer repairs
  • High Schools- Electrical Upgrades, 4 x 4 Labs (State Requirement)
  • Housman Elementary - Boiler & chiller replacement
  • Hunters Creek Elementary - Classroom renovations
  • Landrum Middle School - Storm damage repairs, Additions
  • Memorial Drive Elementary - Upgrades and renovations
  • Memorial Middle School - Systems upgrades, Additions
  • Nottingham Elementary - Systems upgrades
  • Northbrook High School - Upgrades and renovations
  • Pine Shadows Elementary - Emergency chiller replacement
  • Rummel Creek Elementary - Storm damage repairs, Upgrades
  • Sherwood Elementary - Systems upgrades
  • Science Center - Upgrades
  • Spring Branch Education Center - Emergency chiller replacement, pipe testing and asbestos abatement
  • Spring Branch Middle School - Roof top unit replacement
  • Spring Forest Middle School - Chiller replacement
  • Spring Shadows Elementary - Upgrades and renovations
  • Spring Woods Middle School - Roof replacement, Renovations
  • Spring Woods High School - Emergency chiller replacement, New lockers, Upgrades and renovations
  • Terrace Elementary - Upgrades
  • Tiger Trail School for Early Learning - Paving, Public Announcement System
  • Treasure Forest Elementary - Systems upgrades
  • Westchester Academy - Boiler & chiller, water main repair, sewer repairs, storm damage repairs (South Transition Site)
  • Westwood Elementary (West Transition Site)

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Safety & Security Upgrades

Bond funds paid for greater safety and security in all our schools. Before the bond program was approved, just a handful of district schools had doors and gates with access controls. Today, all SBISD campuses have a variety of security layers, ranging from perimeter fencing to access-controlled doors and barrier gates.

More than $6 million was being spent to improve safety across Spring Branch.

The school district installed an integrated fire and burglar alarm system and a closed-circuit, digital camera monitoring system connected to a single source for monitoring and review. Under the system, police dispatchers are able to view areas activated by burglar or fire alarms through the CCTV system. Real-time data and video help direct officers and emergency responders quickly to situations as they occur.

Under this plan, a typical SBISD elementary school is equipped with 32 or more digital cameras; bigger schools, such as middle and high schools,and up to 200 or more cameras available for monitoring or review by police dispatchers and campus officials.

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Completed Projects:

  • All schools – perimeter fencing and security projects; Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) – upgrade project; Central Warehouse – CCTV; Child Nutrition – CCTV; District-wide – CCTV Equipment; Hunters Creek Elementary – CCTV; Memorial Drive Elementary – CCTV; Panda Path School for Early Learning – CCTV; Spring Branch Education Center – CCTV; Spring Branch Education Center – new & replacement equipment; Transportation & T-Building – CCTV

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Transportation Upgrades

When the 2007 Bond Plan was first approved, SBISD replaced 85 of its aging buses that were 15 or more years old. The Board of Trustees quickly approved spending $5.8 million to buy 12 smaller, special-needs buses and 73 standard yellow school buses, which seat up to 71 passengers. The new buses are cleaner to operate, get better mileage, and will decrease the average age of the district’s bus fleet during the years ahead. The Bond Plan helps make it possible for SBISD to replace older buses like these on a regular basis.

Spring Branch ISD’s Transportation Department began work in October 2014 on a Board of Trustees approved initiative that will retrofit many of the district’s school buses with air conditioning. Project completion is anticipated by May 2015. When completed, all regular route buses will include an upgraded alternator and an interior air-conditioning system retrofit. The air-conditioning retrofit initiative, at a projected cost of approximately $1.2 million, is funded through the district’s 2007 Bond Program, which has also added new buses to the SBISD fleet in recent years.

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Technology Upgrades

Teachers and students in SBISD are seeing the most dramatic changes in the classroom since the introduction of the scientific calculator a generation ago. Using about $27.5 million of 2007 Bond and other funds, SBISD is taking bold steps to set a high-level standard for the use of 21st Century technology in teaching and learning.

Since 2008, the district has installed more than 1,200 ACTIVboards in schools and trained teachers in this technology’s possibilities. An ACTIVclassroom describes interactive instructional technology that includes an electronic whiteboard, a projector, handheld student voting tools, multimedia carts and related teacher laptops and docking stations. Teachers can design and deliver engaging lessons to students through the ACTIVclassroom’s multimedia options.

In addition to ACTIVclassroom technology, an on-going eight-year plan is embedding state-of-the-art technology ranging from iTouches to iPads in every classroom and content area. This initiative is enlivening and enriching the teaching and learning experience for all students in Spring Branch.

The voter-approved 2007 Bond program made it possible for SBISD’s teachers and students to stay in step with the dramatic changes in classroom technology. In 2014, the district replaced its 6-year-old teacher-issued laptops with new Dell laptops equipped with the latest-generation Intel chips, solid state disks, webcams and Windows 8 touch screen options. Teacher laptops are paired in SBISD with thousands of student laptops and other devices, including Netbooks, iPads and iPods, along with a local Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative that allows students to bring their laptops, tablets or smartphones to use for learning in the classroom.

Completed Projects:

  • ACTIVBoards in all designated classrooms; Wireless Network and enhanced wireless security across district; Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) digital phone system 600+ computers installed in Technology Application Labs in secondary schools; Pilot Library projects at three schools - Spring Woods High, Memorial Middle, Woodview Elementary; District-wide “Hub of Technology” library projects; Guthrie Center Server Room

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