It's about doing what's right for kids.

We listened and planned before a building was ever designed or any work was done as part of the 2007 Bond Program.

Before the 2007 Bond Plan was ever proposed, more than 100 community residents gathered to study and rank in order by condition and need schools to be rebuilt and renovated, and projects ranging from repairs to upgrades. The school district was able to save $55 million in total bond funds through careful facility analysis. Additions, such as new libraries or gyms, were also retained in new school plans. This savings was impactful to the entire scope of the Bond Program. The SBISD Board of Trustees and district leaders also established the separate Bond Oversight Committee to meet quarterly, review progress on the Bond Plan, and report annually to the Board and the Spring Branch community.

The Board of Trustees reviewed and gave final approval to new school designs and plans, but before being approved, the district brought together campus building committees with architects, engineers and district staff to make sure that the views and voices of classroom teachers, principals, secretaries, food service workers and others were heard before architectural plans were drawn up. In this way, community-level needs create new schools and drove the work behind the 2007 Bond Program.

Archival Links of Interest:

- Enrollment Forecast Review (2014) (.pdf)

- Demographics Study (2013) (.pdf)

Pre-Bond Reporting:

- Vision Team Report and Findings (.pdf)

- Advisory Committee Recommendation Bond Plan 2007, 18 June 2007 (.pdf)

- Advisory Report (.pdf)

- Bond Proposed Timeline (.pdf)