Board Briefs

Regular Meeting - Aug. 22, 2022

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Action Items Approved

  • Request for Consideration and Approval of Order Authorizing Issuance of Bonds View agenda item 10A│View video item 10A
  • Request for Approval of the Chapter 49 Contract Option 3 (Agreement for the Purchase of Attendance Credit) and Board Delegation of Authority to Obligate the School District Under Chapter 49 to the Superintendent View agenda item 10B│View video item 10B
  • Consent Agenda Action Items View agenda item 11│View video - Consent Agenda
    • Request for Approval of Budget Status Summary Report with Budget Amendment as of July 31, 2022
    • Request for Approval of Facility Improvement Program Monthly Status Report with Project Budget Changes as of
      July 31, 2022
    • Request for Approval of Contract Awards
    • Request for Approval of Teacher Appraisers for the 2022-2023 School Year
    • Request for Approval of Acceptance of Gifts
    • Request for Approval of Payroll and Operating Expenses - July, 2022
    • Request for Approval of Payroll and Operating Expenses - June, 2022
    • Request for Approval of Tax Overpayment Refunds (Sec. 31.11)
    • Request for Approval of Minutes for School Board Meetings
      1. June 06, 2022 - Workshop
      2. June 20, 2022 - Regular Meeting
      3. June 27, 2022 - Special Meeting

Reports and Updates

  • Opening of School View agenda item 8A│View video item 8
    • SBISD Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Blaine led the board in a discussion about the first day and week of school. District departments, including Academics, Talent and Administration, Athletics, Safety and Security, Police, Technology Services, Transportation, Facilities, Planning and Construction, Finance, Communications and Community Engagement, were highlighted. Some statistics and numbers shared included 593 new hires processed, more than 200 front office staff trained in enhanced safety and security protocols and $46,330 donated for school uniforms. Dr. Blaine thanked these departments and went on to discuss their impact and efforts as this school year unfolds.
  • Update on Status of EFB (Local) Including Amendments and Timeline for Public Comment View agenda item 9AView video item 9  
    • Board Vice President Lisa Andrews Alpe communicated that an updated policy would be discussed and drafted during the board's workshop meeting on Sept. 9. After having an updated version, the board will open the public comment to discuss the revised policy. The policy will be open for public comment for 30 days after it is introduced. 

Recognitions and Celebrations

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  • Highlights of SBISD Performance View agenda item 3│View video item 3
    • Dr. Blaine highlighted SBISD's focus on literacy and numeracy and how these efforts have resulted in increased Texas Education Agency (TEA) accountability ratings for schools across the district. She reiterated her commitment to meeting growth targets and supporting leaders and teachers. During the session, David Rodriguez, Spring Branch Elementary principal, spoke about his campus receiving an A rating, after previously having an F in 2019. Dr. Blaine concluded the session by thanking district leaders, teachers and support staff for their efforts to promote student achievement. 



  • Recognition of SBISD Summer Reading Rockstars View agenda item 4A│View video item 4
    • Over summer, SBISD students participated in a Summer Reading Challenge with a goal of completing 750 minutes of reading during the break. In total, SBISD students logged more than 700,000 minutes and read more than 15,000 books! The top readers in elementary, middle and high school were recognized as Summer Reading Rockstars during the meeting. Dr. Kristin Craft, Associate Superintendent of Academics, noted how proud she was of the students' dedication to building their reading stamina. Summer Reading Rockstars recognized were:

      • Elementary school: 

        •  Leena Eltom, Housman Elementary 

        • Faith Kim, Hunters Creek Elementary 

        • Logan Morris, Cedar Brook Elementary

        • Caroline Ranton, Hunters Creek Elementary 

        • Levi Stephens, Spring Branch Academic Institute 

      • Middle school: 

        • Alexious Bshara, Memorial Middle 

        • Reema Eltom, Landrum Middle 

        • Fatima Golabbakhsh, Memorial Middle 

        • Quoclan Tran, Spring Branch Academic Institute 

        • Chloe Wang, Cornerstone Academy

      • High school:  

        • Madisyn Chu, Stratford High 

        • Annabel Endicott, Westchester Academy 

        • Ethan Endicott, Westchester Academy 

        • Ana Franco, Memorial High 

        • Citlali Vega, Stratford High