Exemptions - Public Comment

DOI Exemption for TEC Sec. 21.102, Subchapter C Related to Employment Practices, Probationary Contracts

June 2020

Proposed Action: Enact a District of Innovation exemption for TEC Sec. 21.102; Subchapter C, which relates to Employment Practices, Probationary Contracts


  • Spring Branch ISD must ensure that Every Child achieves the academic and social and emotional growth and development needed to achieve success and to be on-track to achieve T-2-4.
  • SBISD must ensure that we hire and retain the very best staff to successfully meet the needs of Every Child and support and enhance the SBISD core values and culture
  • The proposed exemption would:
    • enable the District to issue all new hires three-year probationary contracts, instead of the current one-year probationary contract, regardless of the last five of eight years of service standard. Current Spring Branch ISD employees changing roles would remain eligible for a one-year probationary contract.
    • provide greater ability to evaluate staff performance to ensure that student needs are met, student growth is achieved, and new hires know, understand, and embrace the SBISD District culture.
    • allow more time for both the District and the new hire to onboard, train and be evaluated for growth and performance before a term contract is issued.

Considerations and Safeguards:

  • If approved, the proposed exemption would be implemented in Fall 2020, to meet the renewal timeline for 2021-2022 contracts. This does not affect employees currently on a probationary contract. If enacted, this DOI exemption would begin for employees incoming for the 2021-2022 school year.
  • SBISD onboarding for new employees takes place twice annually and addresses culture and core Values.
  • SBISD has as robust Performance Management system, and employees and supervisors are trained in its use.

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