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Let our legislative delegation and members of the House and Senate education committees hear our advocacy message to #FullyFundSBISD.

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Sample advocacy message for March 23, 2023

Dear Representative/Senator _____________,

My child is a student at _____________ in Spring Branch ISD.  I am reaching out regarding Senate Bill 8 with opposition to any model for education savings accounts that would provide a higher level of per student funding than what is provided to public schools through the Basic Allotment. As written, the $8,000 per student allocation for education savings accounts is $2,000 higher than the current Basic Allotment provides for my child in Spring Branch ISD. I also oppose any education savings account model that does not mandate the same across-the-board accountability and transparency required of my public school district.

With regards to Senate Bill 30, funds collected for public education should remain in public education. Please oppose the $8.2 billion reduction to the Foundation School Program, which diverts recaptured dollars from school districts like Spring Branch ISD to fund the state’s bottom line. Instead, please reinvest at least $8.2 billion into public education. Diverting funds intended for public education to fund the state’s bottom line is unacceptable. Our children deserve better.


Houston, TX

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