Policy & Regulations

Board Policy serves as the governance foundation for District activities and provides the legal requirements and local Board mandates for each of the major areas of District operations. Administrative Regulations ensure everyone is aware of the rules, guidelines, and procedures under which the district operates and provide a level of consistency across campuses and departments. Policy is adopted by the Board of Trustees, whereas administrative regulations are the responsibility of the administrative staff.

Policies Under Consideration by the Board

The policies listed below are currently under consideration by the Board. Click on the policy to see the suggested changes.

The policies listed above are under consideration by the Board of Trustees. Click on a policy to view the proposed revisions. The Board actively seeks stakeholder engagement in the policy development process and welcomes comments in the box below. Please state clearly which policy or policies you are addressing. (Note that the Board does not respond to comments. For questions about policies, please contact the district policy administrator Violet Cano).