Memorial Middle School

Bond 2017

Summary of Proposed work

This project will consist of building system upgrades including: exterior/interior upgrades, site improvements, and a partial roof replacement. In addition, the campus will receive new classroom furniture, technology student devices, and athletic upgrades (i.e. track and tennis/sport court resurfacing, and field refurbishing).

Scope of Work

Renovation of the clinic area to provide a district standard size room for the campus. Fire alarm, security alarm and access control improvements. Building and LED site lighting upgrades.  Classroom door hardware modifications, HVAC replacement in Auditorium along with unit ventilators in classrooms, and full roof coating.

Project Status


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Architects, Contractors & Timelines

  • Architect: PBK
  • Contractor: Bass (Phase 1), Division 1 (Phase 2)
  • District Project Manager: Noel Moreno
  • Timeline (Calendar Year)
Begin Design Begin Construction Scheduled Construction
Q2 - 2021 Q2 - 2022 Q3 - 2023


Bond Plan 2017

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