Spring Woods Middle School

Bond 2017

Summary of Proposed work

This project will consist of building system upgrades including: exterior/interior upgrades, site improvements, and a full roof overlay. In addition, the campus will receive new classroom furniture, technology student devices, and athletic upgrades (i.e. track and tennis/sport court resurfacing, and field refurbishing).


Scope of Work

Phase 1, summer 2024
Renovation of the vestibule area, updating the restrooms in the 2-story wing, site improvements, and full roof overlay.

Phase 2, summer 2025
HVAC improvements, new fire alarm and camera systems, new classroom hardware, and corridor classroom wall renovations in the 2-story wing.

Project Status

In Construction

Architects, Contractors & Timelines

  • Architect: PBK
  • Contractor: Prime
  • District Project Manager: Noel Moreno
  • Timeline

Begin Design: Q3 2023
Begin Construction: Q2 2024
Scheduled Completion: Q3 2025

Bond Plan 2017

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