Stratford High School

Bond 2017

Summary of Proposed work

The project will replace the existing auditorium. It will also include security upgrades, educational specifications and mechanical and HVAC upgrades, along with a roof replacement, classroom furniture upgrades, new devices for all students, athletic upgrades and a synthetic turf practice field.


Since opening its doors in 1974, SHS has received several renovations and additions. The campus consists of 320,000 square footage with a 2017-2018 student enrollment of 2,148. 

Scope of Work

The detailed Scope of Work is to be determined.

Project Status

Design Phase

All other inquiries- 713-251-2460

Architects, Contractors & Timelines

  • Architect: PBK Architects
  • Contractor: TBD
  • District Project Manager: Kris Drosche
  • Timeline
Begin Design Begin Construction Begin Complete
1Q 2019 1Q 2020 3Q 2021


Bond Plan 2017

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