Bond 2017

Summary of Proposed work

Over the course of the past ten years, starting with the 2007 Bond, SBISD stabilized its network, moved from analog to digital infrastructure and implemented wireless connectivity in all district spaces. As the Instructional Technology (IT) equipment ages, it needs to be modernized to reduce the overall maintenance costs as well as handle increased network traffic, reduce security risks and support changes in instructional practices. 

The 2017 bond includes the following four major project areas to be funded:

  1. Safety and security upgrades
  2. Network and infrastructure life-cycle replacements
  3. Device life-cycle refreshes
  4. Technology

The 2017 bond provides a unique opportunity to secure and improve technology equipment and provide a modern educational environment for students and staff, comparable to surrounding school districts.

Scope of Work
  • Safety and security upgrades
  • Network and infrastructure life-cycle replacements
  • Device life-cycle refreshes
  • Community engagement and training center A/V equipment replacement
  • Time clock replacements
  • Secure IT equipment storage
  • Cabling replacement
  • Universal power supply (battery back-up) replacement
  • Video streaming replacement
  • Library/Multimedia Center refresh
  • VoIP phone system upgrade
  • Wireless network upgrade

Project Status


Technology questions- 713-251-2293

All other inquiries- 713-251-2460


Life-cycle refreshes

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