The Grants Department provides pre-award as well as post-award assistance to employees.

Pre-award Assistance includes:

  • Sharing information about grant opportunities
    • via one to two page summaries
    • through Super Notes or direct email
  • Collecting and sharing of commonly needed information:
    • demographics
    • budgets
    • evaluation
  • Tips and examples
  • Answering questions about application processes
  • Serving as the Point of Contact for the System for Award Management (, the official website of the US Goverment 
  • Sharing information about webinars and classes
  • Contacting of grantors to clarify information
    • Federal agencies
    • State agencies
    • Foundations
  • Contacting agencies for critique sheets if proposal not funded
  • Collaborating on grant development
  • Editing proposals and providing feedback
  • Writing proposals for Superintendent and Associate Superintendents
  • Obtain Board of Trustee approval if required
  • Obtain Superintendent signature on grant applications

Post-award Assistance includes:

  • Serving as the liaison between the grantor representative and the employee
  • Coordinating services with the Finance Department to get the budget set up
  • Coordinating services with the Finance Department to get the work flow approvals set up
  • Monitoring transactions for allowable use of funds per the grantor and the Finance Department
  • Tracking budget expenditures as an internal auditing control
  • Helping remove spending obstacles 
  • Reminding budget managers of remaining grant dollars
  • Assisting as needed with reporting and budget deadlines
  • Communicating with grantor representative on financial matters
  • Attending grant monitoring meetings with Project Coordinators