Fund Development Procedure

Fund Development Procedure   

The “Instructional Needs” of the District aligned with the District/campus goals will drive the needs for fund development. The Development Team will vote to approve or reject funding requests.

The term “funding proposal” will refer to a private grant; public grant; corporate proposal or any type of specific funding request.

The Development Team will be made up of the following personnel:

  • Superintendent of Schools
  • Associate Superintendent, Academics
  • Associate Superintendent, Administration & Talent
  • Associate Superintendent, Finance
  • Associate Superintendent, Community Relations
  • Associate Superintendent, Technology Services
  • Associate Superintendent, Operations
  • Community Superintendents
  • Executive Director, Spring Branch Education Foundation

The Fund Development Team will operate under the already established guidelines stated in the CDC (LOCAL) SBISD policy code, under “Other Revenues, Gifts and Solicitations”: When an individual, a campus, CIT, or department develops a funding proposal involving $5,000 or more, the Superintendent or designee shall approve such requests prior to submissions. Parent teacher organizations, booster clubs, and student organizations may make requests in the name of the organization without such approval. (Adopted policy: 06-19-2017)

Message Regarding Technology: If your project/program involves technology, that is ANYTHING involving the purchase, acceptance of a donation or use of hardware or software and impacting campus capacity, system access, purchases, training, materials, maintenance, upgrades, consultant services etc., the District’s Technology Services Department must meet with you to evaluate your proposal based on District Technology Guidelines before the proposal is submitted to the Development Team. Contact the Associate Superintendent, Technology Services to schedule this meeting.

Message Regarding Personnel: If your project involves personnel, please contact the Records and Compensation Manager to make sure position titles and salaries are in alignment with the current system.

PROCEDURES when applying for Fund Development

  • Complete the Fund Application Questionnaire
  • Procedure for teachers and campus personnel
  • Procedure for district level administrators
  • Procedure to address denied requests
  • Fund Application Questionnaire Progress
  • Other related processes

I. All personnel requesting funding will complete the Fund Application Questionnaire located on the Development Team website.

A. The Fund Application Questionnaire will consist of the following questions:

1) Amount of request
2) Date Funding is needed
3) Program start/ending dates
4) Description of program needing funding
5) Grade levels of students to be served
6) Number of students to be served
7) Outcome or goal of program
8) District objectives this program will address
9) Funding sources (if known)
10) Grant writer (if already identified)

B. If assistance is needed in completing the Fund Application Questionnaire, please contact the Director for Grants who will assign an appropriate staff person to assist you.

II. The procedure for teachers and campus personnel will be as follows:

A. All teachers and campus staff will obtain their Building Principal’s approval on any fund development requests and/or grant proposal intentions. The “Fund Application Questionnaire” Form will be completed with Building Principal’s approval signature, to substantiate that the request is or will be within the Campus Improvement Plan.

B. All “Fund Application Questionnaire” forms will be submitted to the Associate Superintendent, Academics for validation. She will forward it to the Director for Grants for discussion at the next development team meeting.

C. The Director of Grants will notify campus personnel as to whether or not their request was approved.

III. The Procedure for district level administrators will be as follows:

A. The “Fund Application Questionnaire” will be submitted to the Director for Grants. These requests will include any grant opportunity in which the district would benefit even though the grant application will be submitted by or was awarded to another entity. Other entities include Region IV, universities, community colleges, Harris County Department of Education, and non-profits such as Neighborhood Centers Inc.

B. The Development Team will review the funding request.

C. The Director for Grants will notify district level administrators as to whether or not their request was approved.

IV. The Procedure to address denied requests:

A. If the request is denied, the Director for Grants will notify the district level administrator or principal of the reason for denial. Administrators wishing to challenge a denied request should request a meeting with the Director for Grants and the Associate Superintendent of Academics to decide on the next appropriate action. An example of a denied request would be one in which further clarification of the funding request is needed to make a quality decision. Another example would be one in which there is a weak link between the desired project and actual campus/district instructional needs as defined by a combination of quantitative needs assessment data and documented input from campus Principals.

V. The Development Team will approve and monitor each Fund Application Questionnaire presented as it progresses through the following stages:

  • Stage One Discussion/decision making on funding requests 
  • Stage Two Approval/research of funding sources to be solicited 
  • Stage Three  Assignment, cultivation, development, editing and submission of the request/proposal and monitoring pending proposals 
  • Stage Four  Board of Trustees acceptance for funding; ongoing accountability/recognition to donor/funder; monitoring of the implementation status of proposal until completion of the funded request. Reflection on proposals not funded 
  • Stage Five Revisit opportunity in next funding cycle 

VI. Other.

A. The Grants Department will continue to screen grant opportunities from federal, state and local sources and forward them to the appropriate leadership team members for consideration.

B. The Development Team will pre-approve certain grant opportunities, which will be forwarded with the following statement: “This opportunity has been previously reviewed and approved by the SBISD Development Team. Application for this award/grant is the responsibility of the individual or the school. Application should be made directly to the funding source. It does not require that the applicant or the school submit the District’s Fund Application Questionnaire to the Development Team for processing and approval.”

C. District employees should forward to the Director for Grants any particular grant opportunities of interest for screening.