Student Instructional Services

To fulfill and sustain the direction of our Strategic Plan, The Learner’s Journey, the Academics Division has set four specific priorities each with associated objectives, strategies, and tactics. Each is numerically tagged to aide in clarity, alignment and project management.  
Aligned to the district’s strategic plan; four overarching priorities have been established. Each priority is supported by distinct objectives, strategies and tactics. In addition, where noted, specific metrics have been listed to ensure accountability and fidelity to each priority.
The four priorities are as follows.
Priority 1: Improve student growth rates across every school and student subgroup while ensuring accelerated growth for those most in need.
Priority 2: Improve teaching and learning opportunities for students learning English as a second/other language to ensure 1) academic growth in excess of SBISD averages, 2) achievement rates above state and local averages, 3) high school graduation rates above state and local averages and 4) post-secondary success aligned to T-2-4
Priority 3: Ensure that every SBISD school adheres to a school-specific instructional framework that informs 1) Planning & Design, 2) Teaching & Learning and 3) Reflection & Adjustment.
Priority 4: Provide SBISD educators with high-quality tools and resources that support the four ingredients of personalized learning; 1) holistic, actionable data, 2) individualized instruction, 3) student voice and agency, and 4) access to anywhere, anytime learning.


Executive Director of Student Instructional Services