Advanced Academics

Our mission is...

  • to identify students needing special, gifted, or advanced services beyond their traditional classroom setting;

  • to advocate for appropriate academic challenges for all students;

  • to efficiently educate and support the district, campuses, and parents.


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Our Team

Pamela Johnson:  Director, Advanced Studies

Amy Ellingson:  GT Facilitator

Kristin Graham:  GT Facilitator

Amy Accardo:  Administrative Assistant

Judith Cordova:  Administrative Assistant

Located at West Support Center:
2100 Shadowdale Dr., Houston, TX  77043


The GT Referral and Identification process is NOW OPEN!  Please visit our Gifted Talented Program page to learn more and to access online referral forms.

NOTE: This referral process is only for the district-wide GT services offered through students' home campuses.  Application for the Spring Branch Academic institute (school for Highly Gifted) takes place in spring and includes a separate qualification and lottery process.  See our Spring Branch Academic Institute page for more information.