SBISD has developed a three-level identification process to efficiently assess students’ needs for the special educational services provided in the Gifted and Talented Program. This three-level process is designed to be student-centered.

SBISD honors test scores for two years, beginning in 1st grade. Exceptions are made only for medical reasons documented by a physician.  Students may be referred each year, but the previous year’s test scores will be utilized.

GT Identification Process

Referral Process

Anyone may refer a student for the GT program by contacting the student’s campus counselor before the deadline in early fall. Parents will complete an online referral form giving permission for the district to evaluate the child.

The referral window for the 2019-20 school year is now closed for all current, active Spring Branch students. 

Level One

Data is collected through 4 measures: Planned Experiences, Teacher Inventories, MAP data and a Parent Referral Form. At least one of these measures must clearly indicate gifted characteristics for a student to move to Level 2.  Results of Level 1 will be sent home by the school in mid November.

Level Two

Norm-referenced abilities testing is administered to gather data on verbal, quantitative, and non-verbal sub-tests. Students can be identified GT in either Language Arts/Social Studies and/or Mathematics/Science at the end of Level 2. If a child was tested in Level 2 during the previous school year, they will not be tested two consecutive years. New data collected in Level 1 and last year's test scores will be reviewed by the identification committee. This rule does not apply to first grade students. If students were referred in kindergarten, did not qualify for services, and are referred again in first grade, testing will only occur if a child advances to level 2. Parents are notified of results by letter from the school in early March. Students new to SBISD that tested during the summer may not be tested again during the school year. 

Level Three

Evaluation is by invitation only, based on exceptionally high test scores from Level 2. With parent permission, one-on-one IQ testing is administered to determine whether a child may benefit from highly gifted services.  Parents are notified by letter of results. For more information about the Spring Branch Academic Institute please Click Here.


Students that do not qualify for services may submit an appeal with supporting evidence that provides additional information for the identification committee to consider. Appeals are due to the school counselor in mid-May. Please see below for a link to the appeals brochure for more information. 

Appeals brochure

GT Services

K, 1st, 2nd

Primary Gifted Program (PGP)

In addition to appropriate differentiation in the classroom, GT services are provided through a pull-out program that takes place at their home campuses. Students are pulled out of their classrooms for services 90 to 120 minutes a week. Pull-out instruction focuses on the development of independent research skills, developing products and on meeting the social-emotional needs of GT students.


3rd, 4th, 5th


In addition to appropriate differentiation in the classroom, identified GT students in grades 3-5 are offered GT services through a pull-out program that takes place at the Bendwood campus. Students are bussed from their home campuses one day a week for a full day of services with identified GT students from other campuses. Instruction in the SPIRAL program at Bendwood is interdisciplinary.  Units of study are designed to provide the depth and complexity that GT students need, while also addressing their social-emotional needs.



Identified GT students in grades 6-12 are provided services specific to their identified areas of giftedness: language arts/social studies and/or mathematics/science. GT students may be grouped in GT-only classes, clustered in Pre-AP/AP classes, or IB classes.  The grouping varies by school, grade level, and subject area. Check with your school for additional information.  



Acceleration is offered in math as a single subject or a whole grade can be skipped. The passing requirements are different depending if students have had prior instruction. 

Credit by Exam is offered four times a year, once in June and once in July, at the SBISD Administration Building, and once in the fall and once in the spring at the student’s home campus. 

Each campus receives information regarding acceleration and credit by examination. Registration for exams other than Spanish and French begins the week after Spring Break each year.

The school counselor at each campus is the contact for credit by exam testing. 

More information, dates, and forms can be found here:LINK TO CBE TESTING PAGE

Important Dates

GT Level 1 evaluation results sent - mid November 2019

GT Level 2 evaluation results sent - late February 2020

Identified KINDERGARTEN students begin receiving GT services - March 1, 2020  

***Online window for SBAI applications - March 30 - April 13, 2020   

***Note: SBAI is a Spring Branch Choice School option for profoundly gifted students (documented IQs of 145+). Qualification requirements and application process differ from the district's standard GT referral program in the fall.  Please see the SBAI page for more details.

GT Appeals due - Apr 27, 2020

Appeals results sent - late May 2020


Additional Forms and Information

The 2019-20 GT Referral window is now closed!  Level 1 result letters will be sent home from campuses in mid-November.

If you have any questions about the referral or identification process, please contact your campus counselor.

Should I refer my Child?

-copy of presentation

-GT Brochure

-GT Brochure (Spanish)