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Transfer Students

If your child transferred to SBISD from another district where your child received gifted services, you may apply to have the GT status transferred. Please, use the transfer referral form (español) to refer your child for GT consideration at SBISD. 

SBISD requires a copy of GT records (sometimes called a profile or matrix) and test scores from the previous district. The Advanced Academics office will review your child's records and contact you with next steps.  

Please note that all districts use a different identification standard.  If the SBISD Transfer Committee requires more information to make a decision, your child may be offered the opportunity for additional testing.

If your child is transferring to SBISD from out-of-state, home-school, or from a private school where gifted services were not available, please, use the Off-Cycle Parent Referral form to refer your child for GT consideration at SBISD (Note:  the Off-Cycle Referral form is not available until late March and testing takes place during the summer).  You will be able to submit any documents you have to support your child's referral.  The Advanced Academics office will review your child's records and contact you with next steps.  Please, submit your referral by mid-July, so we have time to properly assess and place your child for the up-coming school year.

GT Identification Questions:

GT Summer Evaluation

Registration for summer testing will open in late March and will close July 15th.  Testing will take place in July; once we receive a referral, we will email the exact test date and location.  

If after reading the criteria below, you decide to refer your child for gifted services in SBISD, please submit the Off-Cycle Parent Referral form.  

Summer testing is appropriate for students in the following situations:

  1. Student moved into SBISD after the GT referral deadline for the previous school year.
  2. Student is entering SBISD from a private school or home school that did not offer gifted services.
  3. Student is transferring in from another public school district without a GT program.

For families meeting these criteria, a Summer Evaluation may be requested for students entering grades 1st-12th.

Note, entering kindergarten students should not be referred during the summer.  Rather, kindergarten students will go through the regularly scheduled GT evaluation process in the fall of their kindergarten year.

Please note, to maintain the validity of our evaluation, summer testing takes the place of an evaluation during the regular school year.  Students are only evaluated once every 12 months.

Transferring to SBISD or Summer Testing Questions: