Educational Technology

School should not be a place where answers go to die but questions come to life. #InnovatorsMindset

--George Couros

Welcome to the Spring Branch ISD Educational Technology Department. Our department supports the intentional integration of technology into classrooms with an emphasis on teacher pedagogy and student achievement. While we support our classrooms in a myriad of ways, our work can be categorized into four big categories. 

itslearning Implementation

Itslearning, our learning management system, is currently in its first full year of implementation and the Educational Technology Department is responsible for development and delivery of training for the platform.  Additionally, we manage the template courses, third-party integrations, assist curriculum directors/writers with structures/policies for building in the platform.

Get off to a strong start this school year with our Beginning of the Year Guide.  In it you will find answers to all your pressing back to school questions. 




Technology Applications/Computational Thinking/Robotics/Computer Science Education

Technology Applications, Computational Thinking, Robotics and Computer Science are all supported by the Educational Technology Department. We are responsible for the creation and training for the eRate digital citizenship lessons K-12. Elementary Tech Apps is integrated into the core subjects and delivered through the classroom teacher.

We are rebuilding the middle school tech apps departments and support campuses with their programming, software and materials. Additionally, we support the high school STEM endorsed and Business & Industry endorsed Technology Applications courses and teachers.

Computational Thinking is an initiative which started two years ago with eight teachers and grew to twenty SBISD educators during the 2018-2019 school year! This cohort of educators studies computational thinking strategies and applies them to their classroom practice.

Are you interested in learning more about computational thinking or joining the 2019-2020 cohort, if so CLICK HERE!

SBISD Vanguard Fellowship

The Vanguard Fellowship is a community of Spring Branch educators who are passionate about developing and implementing strategies to meet the needs of #EveryChild and ignite a passion for lifelong learning. The application-based program opens to all instructional staff each Fall and supports a maximum of 4 fellows per campus.

We provide personalized, professional learning as teachers work on goals structured around the TIM throughout their three years with us via small group coaching sessions, individual One-on-Ones, Twitter, and more. Our first cohort is now taking on leadership responsibilities as they develop and implement networking and “connectedness” opportunities!

More Information on VANGUARD

Educational Technology Integration

GSuite for EDU, BrainPOP, and Nearpod - oh my! The list of educational technology to help teachers make blended learning a reality in their classroom is long and growing each day. While we acknowledge that no one can be master of all, our department is here to support teachers, students, and families learn how to best utilize these tools to facilitate learning experiences. In addition, we can help with password questions in many cases.


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