Multilingual Instructional Team (from Left to Right: Dr. Aylin Martinez; Maggie Zhou-Mathews; Fernando Maldonado; Yared Marquez; Nacary Martinez; Yoset Altamirano)

Instructional Team

Multilingual Beliefs

We exist to serve our English Learners, by providing purposeful academic and compliance support to campuses while building relationships with campus personnel, collaborating with district and campus leaders, and participating in community engagement and relations ensuring we adhere to state laws and guidelines.

Multilingual Guiding Principles

1.   Effective and professional communication

2.   Self-accountability to support the district

3.   Provide a safe learning and working environment 

4.   Be an additive element of the district

5.   Function as a collaborative team

6.   Serve campuses with purposeful academic, compliance, and community support

7.   Be a lead learner

SBISD English Learner Core Values

Bilingual Programs

English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs

Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

Languages Offered

Elementary Schools:

  • Spanish (Frostwood Elementary)


Middle Schools:

  • Spanish (All)
  • Spanish for Spanish Speakers (Spring Woods Middle School; Spring Oaks Middle School; Spring Branch Middle School)
  • Spanish Secondary Dual Language (Spring Forest Middle School; Spring Woods Middle School; Westchester Academy)
  • French (Westchester Academy)
  • German (Westchester Academy)
  • Italian (Westchester Academy)


High Schools:

  • ASL (Memorial High School; Stratford High School)
  • French (All)
  • German (Memorial High School; Stratford High School; Westchester Academy)
  • Italian (Westchester Academy)
  • Latin (Memorial High School; Northbrook High School)
  • Spanish (All)
  • Spanish for Spanish Speakers (Northbrook High School; Spring Woods High School; Stratford High School)
  • Spanish Secondary Dual Language (Westchester Academy)


Who to Contact

Elementary & Secondary:

Yoset Altamirano


Aylín Martínez
Instructional Coordinator
(713) 251-8449