We believe mathematics is a gateway to unlimited possibilities, providing options and opportunities as students consider educational (T-2-4) and career opportunities beyond high school.  Our goal is to provide academic experiences that build confident and creative mathematical thinkers.

Guiding Principals

Effective mathematics teaching requires understanding what students know and need to learn and then challenging and supporting them to learn it well.

Effective mathematics learning requires actively building new knowledge from experience and prior knowledge using multiple strategies and developing from concrete experiences to pictorial representations to abstract understanding.

Effective mathematics communicating requires engaging in classroom discourse and representing mathematical ideas through objects, pictures, and words, both oral and written.

Parent Resources

  • Year at a Glance
  • Course Sequence for Secondary
  • Pre-AP Options


Stacey Weirich
Director of Mathematics K-12                    

Lindsay Eikenhorst
Lead Specialist for Elementary Mathematics