Our Philosophy

To create self-motivated, life-long learners, early childhood programs in Spring Branch provide a developmentally appropriate, integrated curriculum that enhances the social/emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, and physical development of each child while nurturing autonomy, self-esteem, and success.

We believe that children learn best when the environment:
  • is nurturing and secure
  • is print-rich
  • is discovery-oriented
  • is arranged in learning centers
  • provides an abundance of concrete materials\is safe, well-maintained, and appropriate in meeting individual need
We believe that children learn best when they:
  • are secure and successful
  • are actively involved in their learning
  • have the opportunity to work cooperatively to problem solve, make decisions and choices
  • evaluate their own learning
  • take responsibility for their choices
  • are sensitive to needs and differences of others
  • internalize knowledge as a result of discovery
We believe that children learn best when the curriculum:
  • is integrated
  • is developmentally appropriate
  • addresses different learning styles
  • provides for individual differences
  • is flexible
  • is stimulating
  • provides concrete activities
  • encourages self-motivation
  • is meaningful
  • is fun
We believe that children learn best when the teacher:
  • is sensitive to individual differences
  • uses a wide variety of methods and materials
  • acts as a facilitator
  • is knowledgeable about child development
  • is the decision-maker based on the needs of the children
  • is a liaison between home and school
  • ensures the success of every child
  • is warm, caring, positive, and creates a nurturing environment