The SBISD District Science Department believes that all students are able to learn and achieve the district goal of T-2-4 for every child.  
The SBISD District Science Department vision is to develop learning experiences that strengthen scientific literacy and natural curiosity, so that all students can become lifelong learners.
The SBISD District Science Department mission is to afford students the opportunity to experience meaningful and applicable science content that is engaging. Engaged students are motivated to learn and develop because they want to do so and are more likely to adopt a philosophy of lifelong learning.
As a lifelong learner, students enhance their understanding of the world around them and are provided with a better opportunity to improve their quality of life.  Students that "do" science, "speak" about science, "write" about science, and "read" about science with their peers will be able to recognize overarching themes that unite science as a discipline.  

Guiding Principles

  • Model excellence;
  • Champion science literacy;
  • Value scientific excellence;
  • Embrace diversity, equity, and respect;
  • Enhance teaching and learning through research;
  • Collaborate with partners; and
  • Exemplify a dynamic professional organization.

Science Best Practices 


Inquiry is the process in which scientists learn about the world. It involves asking questions and designing ways to find the answers to problems.

This method of learning science is key to producing a scientifically literate society.

5E Instructional Model 

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