Guidance & Counseling

SBISD Professional School Counselors provide services and supports to students, families and staff that impact healthy personal-social development and academic success for all students in school and beyond. 

Our district school counseling program is comprehensive in scope, preventative in design and developmental in nature.  Student development and academic achievement is supported by the Guidance and Counseling Program through the following elements:

  • Guidance Curriculum - Follows national and state counseling standards in providing classroom guidance and counseling groups to help students be successful in all areas.
  • Responsive Services - Individual and Group Counseling referrals are provided to district and community resources based on student / family needs.
  • Individual Planning - Individual Planning and small group planning is available for all students to assist with problem solving, career planning, transition, special programs focusing on the social and emotional development needs for all students.
  • Support Services -  Link to special programs, services and management (of) activities that directly and indirectly benefit students.

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COLLEGE NIGHT 2019: Supporting T-2-4 for Every Child



Family Engagement Calendar

Ad. Building - 955 Campbell Rd., Houston, TX 77024

Join us to learn what it means to experience trauma and how it impacts the lives of children and adolescents. Develop practical skills that will teach you how to help students that have gone through a traumatic experience.

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