Mental Health

What is the role of the Facilitator of Mental Health and Crisis Team?

Mental Health and Crisis Team Facilitator Role:

Coordinate comprehensive supports across the district in support of the mental and behavioral health needs of students, and provide coordination of the Community Youth Services (CYS) team, including serving as the point person for crisis team work.

Areas of Focus:

  • District Crisis Support- including Liaison for Harris County CYS workers
  • Managing mental health partnerships
  • System-wide Mental Health supports
  • District Substance Use Programming- AMP and CHOICES

For any additional needs or information, please e-mail January Davis, or visit our Mental Health Resource Guide.

What is the role of the Substance Abuse Counselor?

Role of Substance Abuse Counselor:

This role is a licensed professional who leads the district’s first offense Alcohol and Marijuana Program for students, called AMP. The intervention includes campus consequences, which align to the Student Code of Conduct and the three components:

  1. Assessment for risk of developing a Substance Use Disorder
  2. EverFi online learning modules and
  3. 5 day Alcohol & Marijuana Program led by the Substance Abuse Counselor.

A large component of the counselor’s work is to recommend individual services for the students based on the assessment results. Assessment, program delivery, and case management are all included in these services.

Alcohol and Marijuana (AMP) Overview

For more information, please email Amy Hancock.