Community Relations

Our Work

The SBISD Community Relations team fosters connections between the community, our schools and our employees through strategic two-way communications and the active engagement of parents, partners, volunteers and life-long learners. Our programs and events support the growth and development of Every Child and align with SBISD's strategic plan, The Learner’s Journey

Linda Buchman - Community Relations Officer

955 Campbell Road 
Houston, TX 77024

Main: 713.251.2468

What We Do


Strategic Events

Who To Contact

Linda Buchman
Community Relations Officer

Sarah Murphy
Executive Program Assistant

Norma Trevino
Switchboard Operator

Community Education

Joe McDaniel
Community Education Director

Patricia de Leon
Office Manager


Steve Brunsman
Director of Communications

Betty Head
Administrative Assistant

Paul Bryant
Print & Multimedia Manager

Melissa Wiland
Communications Coordinator

Kristen Cain
Web & Media Production Specialist

Rusty Graham
Senior Writer

Family Engagement, Empowerment and Education (E3)

Linda Buchman
Community Relations Officer

The contact information will be updated soon. 

Partnerships & Volunteers

Abby Walker
Coordinator of Strategic Partnerships & Volunteer Programs

Katie Redd
Community Relations Specialist

Mentoring & Community Services

Pat Waldrop 
Coordinator of Community Services & Mentoring

Becky Wuerth 
Customer Services & Community Relations Program Specialist

Andrea Villalobos
SBISD Mentor Specialist