Volunteer in SBISD

We cannot do this work alone! SBISD’s 10,000+ volunteers each school year provide over 200,000 total hours of on-campus volunteer services. That is nearly $5 million in the value of your time. Thank you!

To learn about current district and campus volunteer needs, click here.

What is a Volunteer?

An SBISD volunteer is a person providing services (1) for or on behalf of the school district (2) on the premises of the district (3) or at a school-sponsored or school-related activity on or off of school property.

Who can Volunteer?

YOU! Any member of the SBISD community can apply to volunteer in our schools – parents, grandparents, guardians, community members, community partners, etc.

Apply Now!

To become an SBISD volunteer, you must register and gain approval each year before beginning your service. All SBISD volunteers undergo a criminal background check. Click here to apply today!

Access the Volunteer ApplicationEnglish Spanish

In completing SBISD’s volunteer application, all volunteers agree to adhere to our Volunteer Ethics and Guidelines. Click here to read: ENGLISH/SPANISH

Next Steps

Once approved, all volunteers must bring a valid, government issued ID each time they check-in on campus so the front desk can issue you a name badge. Thank you for recognizing that the safety of our schools, our students and our volunteers is of the utmost importance!

For individual volunteer service on an SBISD campus, please contact either the Community Relations Department (713-251-2468 or partner@springbranchisd.com) or contact the Campus Partner & Volunteer Liaison: PDF

Each volunteer, or person intending to volunteer in SBISD, should know that SBISD is subject to the Texas Public Information Act. 

That means that information about you, such as your home address, home telephone number and some other information available, may be obtained by a member of the public by making a request to the school district. However, the school district does not sell information about you. If a request is made for information about you or all volunteers, SBISD will not release any (1) information that is not legally obtainable by the requester or (2) information confidential by law.


Coordinator for Strategic Partnerships and Volunteer Programs
Executive Program Assistant
Community Relations Specialist