Food Allergies

Dietary Accommodations

Students with foods allergies must submit a Diet Modification Form to the nurse at your child’s school. The diet modification form must be filled out and signed by a state licensed medical authority for any menu modifications to be made by the district dietitian as well as for any alerts to posted on their meal account. The alert on the student account notifies the cafeteria staff that a dietary accommodation and/or modified menu has been made and must be followed to ensure the safety of the student.

How to Request Meal Accommodations for Students

  • Get a copy of the Student Diet Modification Form or it can be requested from the school nurse.
  • Forms must be filled out and signed in its entirety by parent and licensed medical authority to be accepted. Forms missing information or a signature from the parent/guardian and licensed medical authority will be sent back and will delay processing.
  • Return the form to the nurse at your child’s school.
  • The nurse will send the form to the Child Nutrition Services Department Dietitian who will process the form and arrange for the necessary accommodations.

*Please note processing of diet modification forms can take up to two weeks, especially at the beginning of the school year. During this time please send a lunch from home with your child*