School Menus

To Our SBISD Families,

The COVID pandemic has caused many challenges to our ability to provide the exact menus we post online. Issues with product supply, personnel, higher product costs, and even transportation have all conspired to make offering the published menus a daily challenge. Please understand that we are working diligently to provide the menus you expect but last minute substitutions are very likely to remain a constant for the near future. We ask for your understanding and apologize for the uncertainty.

As always, please contact our office if you have any questions.

SchoolCafe Menu

You can view your students lunch menu, account balance, make payments and receive low balance reminders at SchoolCafe. Visit

In the schoolcafe link below you will find carbohydrate counts and common food allergens found in the foods served in our elementary and secondary breakfast and lunch. Please be aware that product reformulation may occur at any time, and may not be made known to the Child Nutrition Department. In addition, distributors may make food substitutions at any time without notice which may contain unexpected allergens.

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Smart Snacks in Schools

Smart snacks in schools is a collaborative effort between the USDA and the US Dept of Education. This cooperative strategy extends to the school level where school food service professionals, school administrators, teachers, sports teams, clubs and parent organization work to create healthier communities. Smart Snacks supports healthy living and learning with standards for foods and beverages sold in schools during regular campus hours.