External Funding & Compliance

What does it mean to be a Title I School?

It means a certain percentage of your students are considered low income. You may have many students getting free breakfast and lunch or reduced lunches, but you must reach a threshold of 35% or more free and/or reduced lunch to qualify for Title I status. Title I  is a federal funded program. A school gets "Title I Funds" (money) from the federal government to spend on their students to help maximize their success.

Title I Part A Improving America’s Schools (IAS)

 is a federal program which provides funds for supplemental additional instructional services to students and support to families in order to increase student success in school. Adult Education, Family Literacy, Literacy Support, Media Literacy, Parent Training Center, fall under the scope of Title I. There are thirty-three school-wide Title I projects. Funding Eligibility is based on Free and Reduced lunch at 40% of above for schoolwide eligibility.

Title I Part C Migrant Identification

The Texas Education Agency and the U.S. Dept. of Education requires the annual identification, recruitment, and certification of migrant students. SBISD has a procedure in place for identifying, recruiting, and certifying migrant students. This is an ongoing, year-round process. The External Funding and Compliance Department coordinates with Migrant Campus Contacts from each campus to ensure that the Migrant Survey Form is administered annually to all students.

What campuses in SBISD are Title I?