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Spring Branch Independent School District solicits for goods and services with "the method" that provides the best value for SBISD, as required by Section 44.031 of the Texas Education Code

Purchasing is pleased to announce that SBISD uses an electronic bidding system. 

  • Those interested in responding to a solicitation MUST register in our electronic bidding system.
  • Once registered, prospective respondents will be notified via email when a solicitation that relates to the product or service it provides is posted in the electronic bidding system.
  • Thereafter, prospective respondents submit responses to an online solicitation via the electronic bidding system.
NOTICE: Often times, an addendum or change in the specifications is released before the solicitation is due. These documents, if released in the electronic bidding system.

The SBISD Purchasing Department will NOT be responsible for the rejection of a response for failure to follow instructions contained in an addendum and/or if incomplete or inaccurate information is supplied by the Bidder/Proposer. Additionally, changed or modified specifications will be rejected.

Code of Silence

The Code of Silence is the prohibition on any communication regarding a competitive procurement solicitation between:
  • Any person who seeks an award from SBISD, including potential vendors or vendor’s representative, and
  • Board members, the Superintendent of Schools, senior staff members, principals, department heads, directors, managers, or other SBISD representatives who have influence in the evaluation or selection process.
SBISD’s Code of Silence for competitive procurements begins the day the solicitation is posted to the Bids & Proposals webpage (or the electronic bidding software) and ends after the Board of Trustees has approved the project, or upon the execution of the contract, whichever occurs first.
Questions concerning the solicitation should be addressed to the Director of Purchasing Services, or the Buyer identified in the solicitation, no later than the deadline identified in the solicitation.

E-Bid System

Electronic Bidding is a two step process:

  • Step 1: You must register in the electronic bidding system to be notified when a solicitation matching your selected commodities is issued.
  • Step 2: You must respond to a solicitation.
    • When a solicitation is issued that matches your selected commodities, SBISD will send you an email invitation to participate in that solicitation.
    • If you choose to participate, you must complete and submit the solicitation response by the close date identified in the solicitation.

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