Information for Vendors

SBISD Terms and Conditions

Vendors are cautioned to fully inform themselves of SBISD's terms, conditions, and instructions set forth in the Standard Terms and Conditions Governing SBISD's Purchase of Goods and Services. No amendment of these terms shall be permitted unless and until first approved in writing by SBISD.

SBISD requires all vendors to have an approved procurement instrument (i.e., purchase order, term contract, master contract agreement, etc.) in place prior to providing goods or services.

Entering into contracts verbally or without appropriate authorization is prohibited and a violation of state law. Any vendor who delivers goods or services to SBISD without a proper contract is doing so entirely at their own risk. SBISD does not pay for goods or services that were provided without the benefit of a properly executed procurement contract.

Background Checks and Fingerprinting

An approved criminal history background check conducted by SBISD’s Police Department is required for all vendors whose services will be performed on SBISD property. NOTE: SBISD reserves the right to request a criminal history background check for vendors who provide services outside of SBISD (i.e., prom and after-prom activities).

Additionally, vendors who will have "direct contact" with SBISD students must also pass a Texas DPS Criminal History Background Search under Senate Bill 9.

Certificate of Interested Parties - Form 1295

SBISD is required to comply with House Bill 1295, which amended the Texas Government Code by adding Section 2252.908, Disclosure of Interested Parties. Section 2252.908 prohibits SBISD from entering into a Board approved contract with a business entity unless the business entity submits a Disclosure of Interested Parties (Form 1295) to SBISD at the time the business entity submits the signed contract.

The Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) has adopted rules requiring the business entity to file Form 1295 electronically with the Texas Ethics Commission’s online filing application.

Upon completion of the online filing application, the filed Form 1295 bearing TEC's unique certification of filing number must be signed and submitted to Purchasing.

Insurance Requirements

Vendors are required to provide SBISD with copies of certificates of insurance, naming SBISD as additional insured's for Texas Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance, within 14 business days of a contract award and/or prior to the commencement of any work on SBISD property.

Vendor Forms

Payment/Accounts Payable

*This form may be printed from the SBISD website and uploaded directly into the VSS system during registration.

Background Check and DPS Fingerprinting

**This form may be printed from the SBISD website and uploaded directly into the Electronic Background Check system.

Vendor Conflict of Interest

An individual or business entity that contracts or seeks to contract for the sale or purchase of property, goods, or services with SBISD must file a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire with the Purchasing Department in accordance with Texas Local Government Code Chapter 176, whether or not a conflict exists, and in the event that conflict arises, no later than the 7th business day after the recipient becomes aware of the facts that require filing. This requirement also applies to a person who is an agent of a vendor in the vendor's business with the District.

Purchasing Calendar