Vendor Registration

SBISD has partnered with PaymentWorks to automate and strengthen controls surrounding Vendor onboarding for Vendors conducting business with SBISD. It is a requirement of all Vendors to complete this registration process. At the appropriate time, Vendor will receive an email invitation from SBISD and will be asked to provide the below documentation in order to complete the registration process.


1. A valid tax ID (either an EIN or SSN)

2. If you wish to receive electronic (ACH) payments, you will need a copy of a voided check or bank statement

3. Insurance ACCORD Form

Register in the E-Bid System

Electronic Bidding is a two step process:

  • Step 1: You must register in the electronic bidding system to be notified when a solicitation matching your selected commodities is issued.
  • Step 2: You must respond to a solicitation.
    • When a solicitation is issued that matches your selected commodities, SBISD will send you an email invitation to participate in that solicitation.
    • If you choose to participate, you must complete and submit the solicitation response by the close date identified in the solicitation.

Helpful Guides


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View the Bids & Proposals web page for additional information on SBISD solicitations.

Please contact the Purchasing Department for assistance with registering as an SBISD vendor.