Energy Management Services

Spring Branch ISD's Energy Management Services supports and commits to operate a safe, comfortable and healthy environment, to educate staff and students about energy conservation and energy usage and maximize energy efficiency through the district.

We are responsible for minimizing district spending that could impact the financial support to our schools. This means, every penny the district saves in utility and energy conservation is earned towards education, our students, staffs and teachers.


By reducing the amount of energy we use, district spendings are cut back and the savings goes towards General Fund to help with:

  • Our students, staff and teachers
  • Education and potential programs
  • New technology and better upgrades
  • Future energy enhancements

As we teach our future generation to be conservative and resourceful with our natural resources, we are able to preserve a bigger and better world for our environment

Energy saving tips

  • Set adjustable thermostats to 85° (summer weather) or down to 55° (winter weather) every day before leaving the space. 
  • Turn off computers, printers and copiers. Don’t forget your computer labs!
  • Turn off lamps, decorative lights and remove scented “plug-ins” from electrical outlets (fire hazard)
  • Turn off exhaust fans

Energy Consumption Report 

The Energy Consumption Report is updated on a quarterly basis. For more information, please contact the Energy Management Department at 713.251.1022.