Field Trips


The link above will take you to our Electronic Bus Request Form. It is designed for ease and timely submittal. Fill in all of the blanks and use the drop down menu where applicable. You must submit the form with your Approval Code for your campus that has been given to the principal. If you do not have your campus code or you have forgotten it, see your principal first, then e-mail Marissa Duque.

All information must be correct including your budget number for your campus. Bus request must be submitted (10) days in advance to departure date. Once all the information is completed, click on the button at the bottom labeled Submit Trip Form. Your request will be processed and either approved or denied. You may search to see if your trip has been approved by clicking here.

It is our hope at transportation to provide safe and informative activities for all the children in the Spring Branch Independent School District. There are so many exciting things to see and wonderful places to go in Houston and the surrounding areas.

There is enrichment for all of the curriculum at every level of learning. What better place to bring to life the textbook about animals then to go to the Houston Zoo, or visit the Space Center Houston to be an astronaut for a day. We have just recently had the Museum of Health and Medical Science open and the very new Forbidden Gardens. What a wonderful pool of knowledge available in such a short distance by school bus including our own Spring Branch ISD Vines Science Center.

Please let us help you to provide a safe and enjoyable trip for your class by providing us the tools to do that.

Cafeteria Managers must be notified at least two weeks in advance when field trips are planned during lunch.

Study Trip Policies and Regulations and Exhibits/Forms
(formerly Field Trip Handbook)