Innovation & Design

SBISD is committed to giving teachers and students the freedom and tools they need to teach and learn so that every child meets her or his potential. SBISD encourages educators to be innovative in their classroom instruction. Innovation is the process of developing and executing original solutions to address current challenges in a way that is sustainable and contributes to T-2-4 success. Our innovation and design work develops leadership and instruction among Principals, teachers and staff and pilots technology and other tools that have the potential to drive student outcomes.

SBISD's Innovation and Design work is generously supported with funding from the Houston Endowment, New Schools Venture Fund, and Verizon Innovation Learning Schools. SBISD also collaborates with national organizations whose work advances personalized learning, including CA Group and Transcend Education.

Building a Culture of Innovation

School Redesign Cohort I

Driving innovation across the district requires spaces for collaboration, a culture that encourages creative risk-taking, and common goal for all schools. Anchored in research on personalized learning, the District's Innovation and Design work strategically fosters innovation that would improve academic outcomes for Every Child.