Our Mission:

Every day we plan, practice and play to win. But that is not our purpose. Our purpose is our mission.
Our mission is to transform lives through the power of sport: one student-athlete, one team, one community at a time.

Our Beliefs:

We believe our charge is to:

  • Build on the strengths and gifts of each student-athlete and coach.
  • Provide every student in the system with competitive opportunities and quality experiences. 
  • Instill, in every student, the belief that they can achieve more than they think possible.                          
  • Develop the mindset that every adult in our program is responsible for and committed to providing a foundation for all the student-athletes in our care so that they successfully complete some form of higher education.

Our Goals:

  • Work to gain organization clarity within the program surrounding our mission, beliefs, action plan, duties, job descriptions and processes to advance the work of our department. 
  • Create an assessment instrument for our coaches that can be used to provide critical feedback regarding their strengths and areas of improvement.

Program Overview