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SBISD September Athletics Spotlight: Evan Mauritzen

- Photo courtesy of Matt Bennett

For Spring Branch Middle School (SBMS) student-athlete Evan Mauritzen, sports are outlets for trying new things and building strong character traits. Learn more about Evan and why he enjoys participating in SBMS sports: 

What sport do you participate in and why did you decide to begin participating? 

​​For SBMS, I participate in football, basketball and track and field. I started playing football in 6th grade with SBMSA and wanted to continue. I have been playing basketball since I was 6. Track and field was an opportunity to try something new in 7th grade, and my events were pole vault, triple jump and sprint relays.

What do you like most about participating in athletics at Spring Branch Middle School?

I love to compete. SBMS athletics gives me a chance to play sports that I like alongside my friends.

Which Core Characteristic(s) have you developed most by being part of these activities? 

Persistent & Adaptable: Pole vaulting was probably my biggest challenge as it was a completely new sport that I had not tried before. It is not an easy technique, but with much practice and persistence, I was able to increase my height by 15” from the first meet to the final meet.

Communicator & Collaborator: As a quarterback, one of my responsibilities is to run the offense where I communicate plays, assignments and directions to my teammates on the field. If we don’t work as a team, we won’t be successful.

How has your coach helped you in the sport?

The SBMS coaches push me to be my best while being fun and supportive. I feel like I can talk with them and they have taught me how to lead a team.

How do you think participating in athletics will prepare you for high school?

Time management is something that I have learned this year. Balancing after-school practices with my sports outside of school and homework will be important in high school.

Will you participate in this sport or others in high school?

I hope to play football and baseball in high school, and we’ll see if the other sports can fit in too.

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