"For Profit Camp/League" Procedures

1.As an SBISD coach, review the guidelines set forth by the University Interscholastic League.

a.  Submit completed/signed copy of "Reminders of Camp/League Restrictions".

2.  Submit the following items:

a.  SBISD Facility Usage Form

b.  $25.00 Application Fee (as per the facility usage form).

c.  Proof of Insurance or quote to obtain insurance with "SBISD" named as the policy holder.

d.  Campus Camp Approval Form.

e.  Copy of the camp brochure

i.  Must include statement "This organization and its activity is not related to, nor sponsored by, the Spring Branch Independent School District".

II.  Brochure example (page 1, page 2)

f.  Flyer Distribution Approval Request Form (SBISD Communications Dept)-required for distribution/circulation of non-school materials.  {GKDA(LOCAL)}

3. Upon completion of camp, submit the SBISD Camp Financial Report.


a.  Facility usage fees and custodial fees may apply.

b.  There is no use of school name or logo.

c.  Per board policy, you are "not permitted to promote, participate, or develop any private venture that would result in financial gain to the employee or any associate during the duty day."  {DBD(LOCAL)[1]}

d.  As an SBISD coach, no student-athletes should be employed.

e.  As an SBISD coach, no volunteers should be employed.