UIL Camps

  1. As an SBISD coach, review the guidelines set forth by the University Interscholastic League.
    1. "Reminders of Camp/League Restrictions"
  2. Submit the following items:
    1. SBISD UIL Camp Approval Form.
    2. Copy of the camp brochure
      1. Must include statement information about the availability and contact regarding scholarships. (See UIL CC&R Section 1206(h)(7))
      2. Brochure example (page 1 & page 2)
  3. Upon completion of camp, submit the following:
    1. SBISD Camp Financial Report
    2. Payment of UIL Camp Staff
      1. Camp Financial Guidelines
    3. Tabulation of Monies Collected and Currency/Coin Count Sheet (if applicable)
    1. No student-athletes should be employed.
    2. No volunteers should be employed. All individuals working in the camp must be school district employees or individuals who have completed the temporary employee packet issued by the SBISD HR Department, and have been cleared by the HR Department to work in this capacity.