Accident Insurance

There is a new insurance carrier and lower rates! Starting in September, this benefit will be provided by The Hartford. Accident insurance pays a benefit for covered accidental injuries that you can use for whatever you see fit, such as out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your health insurance. The policy provides 24-hour coverage for you and your dependents. This is a supplemental plan and is not intended to replace your health insurance. This plan includes a wellness benefit; please see the plan brochure for details.

  • Guaranteed Issue, meaning no medical questions to answer
  • Benefits are paid directly to you, unless otherwise assigned
  • Pays in addition to other insurance coverage
  • Coverage also available for your dependents

The Hartford Customer Service 866-547-4205

2023-2024 New Provider

Hartford Accident Highlights
Hartford Accident Claim Form
Hartford Wellness Claim Form


Allstate Accident Brochure
Allstate Accident Claim Form
Allstate Accident Wellness Claim Form
Allstate Customer Service 800-521-3535