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What does a dental plan cover?

All three options cover four main types of dental expenses:

  1. Preventive and diagnostic care: routine exams and cleanings, sealants, x-rays
  2. Basic treatment: pulling teeth, fillings, root canal therapy and some oral surgeries
  3. Major treatment: dentures, bridges and crowns, and some oral exams
  4. Orthodontial braces, including installation, removal and follow-up care

The DPPO plan options have a plan year deductible (September 1 - August 31).

The plan year deductible tells you how much each year you will be responsible for paying toward your covered dental expenses before the insurance company begins paying their share.

Find participating providers

For the most current information, please contact your selected provider or Cigna Dental Services.

Cigna Customer Service: 800.244.6224

Using providers not in the network

DHMO – Dental services must be provided by your primary care dentist. In some cases, your dentist will refer you to a specialist.

DPPO – If you go to a provider who is not in the network, you may pay additional charges over and above your normal portion of the cost.