New Hire Benefits

Welcome to Spring Branch ISD! Please CLICK HERE to visit the main Benefits website where you can view detailed information about your options. Once you are ready to elect your benefits, please go to The Benefits HUB, Spring Branch ISD’s online benefits enrollment site, to make your benefit elections. Click here to complete your benefit elections

*Please note that you only have 31 days from your date of hire to complete your benefit elections. You must complete the online benefit election process even if you wish to decline all benefits.

Who can enroll for benefits?

TRS-ActiveCare Health Plan

  • To be eligible for TRS-ActiveCare, you must be an active contributing TRS member or
  • Employed 10 or more regularly scheduled hours each week (see the TRS ActiveCare enrollment guide for details).

Contributing TRS members will receive a state and district contribution toward their health insurance premiums.

Employees, substitutes and temporary workers who work a minimum of 10 hours per week (but are not paying members of TRS) are eligible for TRS ActiveCare, but will not be eligible for the state and district contribution toward health insurance. These type of employees will pay the full monthly health premium. Click here to view the actual monthly rate or contact the Benefits Department at 713-464-1511.

All Other Insurance Products

To be eligible for insurance products other than TRS ActiveCare you must be:

  • An active contributing TRS member or
  • A TRS retiree who works 50% or more of the time required of the standard workload for a full-time position.

When does my insurance become effective?

  • Your effective date of insurance is the first of the month following your first day of work.
  • For TRS ActiveCare Health Insurance, you may choose for coverage be effective as of your first day of work. If you choose this, premium payment for the entire month is required. You will need to contact the Benefits Department to fill out a form for this option. Please Note: You will still need to complete the online enrollment for medical and all other coverage items that will be effective the first of the month following your start date.