Our Strategic Framework

Spring Branch ISD’s promise is to Inspire Minds and Shape Lives. We deliver upon this promise by our commitment to Every Child. Our Strategic Framework defines the work of our system for Every Child to achieve T-2-4. The components you see here, when taken together, define the strategic direction for the future of our system.

Download Framework (pdf)

  • T-2-4 is at the heart of all we do. Each of the components around this are critical to ensuring we achieve that vision. 
  • Our Core Values define our expectations for every member of the Spring Branch ISD family.
  • The Board of Trustees’ Priorities and Superintendent Priorities define our areas of focus.
  • Key Performance Indicators are the quantifiable measures for which the system is accountable.
  • The District and Campus Improvement Plans set forth the action plans to meet the priorities. 

The Core Characteristics of a T-2-4 Ready Graduate define our aspiration for who we want our students to become as they matriculate through our system.