2016-21 Plan

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The plan’s goal, known as Spring Branch T-2-4, challenges the system to increase the number of students completing a technical certificate or military training, two-year or four-year degree from 44 percent to 72 percent by 2022.

The Learner’s Journey is the district’s five-year strategic plan to increase student achievement and develop a culture of high expectations for all students.

A journey for #EveryChild and every learner

At the core of The Learner's Journey is the fundamental belief that we are all unique and gifted with different skills, interests and talents. We learn in different ways, at different speeds, and need different levels of support. We all want voice and choice in our learning. We’re responding by changing the way we teach and the way children learn – with higher engagement, more student ownership of learning and expanded opportunities to apply learning in ways that are rigorous, challenging and encouraging. 

At the same time, we are building our analytical muscle to make better data-informed decisions. We are rethinking how we develop our staff, leverage the skills of our best educators, and expand the classroom beyond the walls of our schools.

We invite you to join us on the journey!

Plan Development

In 2016, Spring Branch ISD's Board of Trustees approved an exciting and ambitious strategic plan that also served as our declaration of one of the first Districts of Innovation in Texas. This strategic plan, called The Learner's Journey, provides a clear direction and identifies some critical priorities for SBISD as our district moves boldly into the 21st century. 

THE GOAL: The Learner's Journey re-confirms SBISD's commitment to the T-2-4 goal established in the 2012-17 strategic plan.

THE STRATEGY: The Learner's Journey identifies personalization as the overarching strategy for achieving T-2-4.

THE DESIGN THEMES: As our community produced and processed vast amounts of input and feedback to develop the plan, four clear focus areas emerged. These became known as the plans "design themes" as they inform the way in which our district designs solutions to improve teaching & learning.

These design themes are