Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will classrooms be converted into computer banks to replace teachers?

A. No. SBISD recognizes that strong teachers and strong campus leaders are the most important elements in a child’s education. Technology serves as a valuable tool to support student learning, but technology will never replace our teachers. (For many years, SBISD has had a virtual high school for students who prefer to take a course online. This opportunity will continue, and these courses are teacher-led.)

Q. Does being a District of Innovation mean we can opt out of STAAR testing?

A. No, SBISD cannot opt out of the state accountability system as a District of Innovation.

Q. Is T-2-4 still our goal?

A. Yes. T-2-4 success for Every Child is our goal. We want every SBISD graduate to successfully complete some form of higher education – a technical certificate, military training, or a 2-year or 4-year degree.