The Community Experience

Our strategic plan informs our collective work. Collaborative School Redesign is just one example of how we're shaping the COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE on The Learner's Journey

Collaborative School Redesign

School Redesign is a strategic initiative intended to actively engage school communities in creating the best possible learning experiences for their students. Funded by the New Schools Venture Fund, the initiative is led by SBISD’s Research and Design team, under the direction of SBISD's Associate Superintendent Elliott Witney. Traditional school works well for many kids, but not for all. This is a chance for school communities to engage and recreate what school can look like.

Ten schools were chosen to participate in the Collaborative’s first Cohort:

  • Buffalo Creek Elementary School
  • Hunters Creek Elementary School
  • Nottingham Elementary School
  • Pine Shadows Elementary School
  • Ridgecrest Elementary School
  • Sherwood Elementary School
  • Terrace Elementary School
  • Wilchester Elementary School
  • Northbrook Middle School
  • Spring Woods High School

Collectively, the schools serve 15,510 students; 64.5 percent are economically disadvantaged; 38 percent are English Language Learners. The Collaborative is engaging in a rigorous, year-long design process that will produce two results: 1) a vision for the school’s future that aligns with the community’s wants and needs, and 2) a responsible, cost-neutral, plan of action for making the vision a reality.

The Cohort is actively engaging their communities in empathy work as part of the collaborative process: holistically understanding how the schools’ stakeholders – students, parents, alumni, community leaders, families opting out of the public school system or whose children are not yet school age – perceive what works and what could improve. 

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