CPS Reporting

Report of Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect

IT’S THE LAW: Any person who believes that a child’s physical or mental health or welfare has been or may be adversely affected by abuse or neglect, or that the child has died of abuse or neglect must report his or her suspicions of the Texas Department of Human Services or to a law enforcement agency.

REPORTING: A report must be filed within 48 hours to the Te3xas Department of Regulatory Services by telephone (1800-252-5400) or on line http://www.txabusehotline.org/GUEST LOG IN.

When a report is filed with the Texas Department of Regulatory Services, complete this form and fax it to the SBISD Police Department (fax 713-722-0843).

COMMUNITY: A person, who, without malice, makes a report or collaborates in the investigation of suspected child abuse or neglect is immune from civil or criminal punishment.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Reports of child abuse or neglect are confidential. Information in the reports, including name of the person making the report, may be used only for purposes consistent with the investigation of abuse or neglect.

FAILURE to report suspected physical or mental abuse or neglect of a child and false reporting with malice are crimes punishable by fine, imprisonment or both.