Police Chief

Message from Chief Dareing

As a school district police department of innovation our mission is the safety and protection of the district property, its employees, and most importantly, the students. We serve, working together in a public safety and service profession, one that is dangerous, and our job is to make it less so.
Safety does not happen, it requires thought, planning, and adherence to the standards. Therefore a standard of performance must be set for everything that we do. These standards must be clear, attainable, and sustainable. We work together with intent to achieve these standards.
Our actions, deeds, and decisions should reflect our core values, which become our priority. There needs to be a will to win that has a positive impact towards those we serve.
This department must develop a spirit within each of us that drives that element to overcome adversity and win in everything we do. It is critical we maintain and keep ourselves on the cutting edge in preparation for situations that we face daily in order to provide the best service possible.
We need to impact the student’s lives in a positive way by being role models. Whenever possible look beyond the problem at hand and see if there is a root cause that we can give guidance to help solve the issue. We work hand in hand with the school staff as an integral part of the team.

D. Bruce Dareing
Chief of Police