Due to the national supply shortage, Vendors and Factory has no further ship date for existing and future order, current effect products:

  • All Kenwood radio product.
  • We're Current OUT OF STOCK -Kenwood Battery and radios.
  • Vertex FNB-V131LI-UNi battery(OUT OF STOCK)
  • We won't able to service the repair work order for the radio that need to replace 131 battery, the work order will put it on hold.


Kenwood TK-3137 portable radio is discontinued by the manufactory, replaced with the new model NX-3320K.


A key to clear radio communications:

~ Keep your equipment well maintained and it will operate properly ~

H. Kurt Lan

Must collect radios that you already submit the work order, have them ready at the front desk/lobby, and wait for the service arrive.