Never charge the radio with power on

This will cause the battery over heat and get swollen, creating damage to the radio internally.

A good healthy battery should last the whole day.

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Do not change the radio channel

All district radio channels are assigned by the POLICE DEPARTMENT.

DO NOT change the channels or add channels without our approval.

school channel list


Radio annual check out

NO! We DO NOT " annual check out the radio", only if there is major change on the radio system.

Radio belt clip

The clip on the back of radio, is ONLY design for clip on the BELT.

Kenwood radio charging issues

If your kenwood radio has KNB-55L battery and still have any charging relate issue, makes sure including the charger for that radio when you have work order ready for repair.


What you should NOT do...

  •          Operate radio near or by the printer and shredder.
  •        Operate Kenwood portable radio headset without OEM Speaker/microphone locking bracket.  (request if you don't have one).
  •         Tape the broken radio antennas.
  •           Charge the radio with power ON.
  •       Leave the radio on the charger when charging is complete.
  •          Relocate or change setting on the ERS base station radio.
  •       Use portable radios as ERS Base station, portable radios can only use as backup radio equipment.

What you should know...

  •            Remove radio from the charger when charging is completed.
  •        It's the user responsibility to take care of the radio that is issued to you.
  •        Make sure your radio is in good physical condition, if you see any visual damage, this might affect your radio performance.
  •         Submit the work order immediately when you have radio problems, don't pile them up at the end or beginning of the school year.
  •        If you think the radio battery is bad, DO NOT submit a purchase order, you must submit a work order.

brand new battery charge immediately or when storing more than 6 months.

see battery care here