Due to the national supply shortage, Vendors and Factory has no further ship date for existing and future order, current effect products:

  • All Kenwood radio product.
  • We're Current OUT OF STOCK -Kenwood Battery and radios.
  • Vertex FNB-V131LI-UNi battery(OUT OF STOCK)
  • We won't able to service the repair work order for the radio that need to replace 131 battery, the work order will put it on hold.


Due to extremely high volume of back order on the KENWOOD radio, we WILL NOT taking any KENWOOD radio order until further notice.

Kenwood TK-3137 portable radio is discontinued by the manufactory, replaced with the new model NX-3320K. Price also are increased from $378.00 to $430.00


If you haven't receive your Kenwood radio order yet, you will be receiving newest model NX-3320K radio.

  •         Recently MOTOROLA buy out VERTEX, all of new Vertex radios will be Motorola, nothing change on the radio itself, just the company name and logo changed.

Must collect radios that you already submit the work order, have them ready at the front desk/lobby, and wait for the service arrive.